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Josh Arons 2014 Speech

Hi Guys,

My name is Josh Arons: I used to be part of the track team at Sharon High and graduated in 2011. Most of you probably don’t know me because I graduated so long ago. However, some of you might have met me while I was helping out at a practice, or coming back to watch a meet over the past couple of years. I wish I could be here to speak but I am in Washington DC for the summer. I first want to congratulate you all on a great season and to honor the graduated seniors for their time on the team. The newly graduated seniors were freshmen on the team with me when I was a senior at Sharon High. As many underclassmen on the team predicted at the time, they became very successful people and student-athletes. These graduating seniors deserve a great deal of credit for helping change the attitude of the program, and starting a winning tradition that was missing at the time.

Most of the upperclassmen kids on the team back in 2011 could sense that these freshmen were extremely committed and would hold their teammates to a high standard for years to come. When kids like Adam Selsman ran a 4:55 mile his freshman year, James Gildersleeve ran a 53 split in the 400, Paul Fleming and the rest of the distance crew smoking the upperclassmen, as well as Eddie Xu and Brian Mukasa showing spirit in practice everyday, it was easy to sense that Sharon High Track would soon be on the map. To those underclassmen sitting in the room now, take a good look at your seniors and follow their example for the next couple years. They built a solid foundation and reputation for this program that it is now your duty to uphold. I wish that I were lucky enough to be in that situation, as I never got to experience what it was like to win a single outdoor dual meet throughout high school. This program has turned around considerably since then by posting numerous winning seasons, tying for a Hockomock League (Davenport) title last indoor season, placing top 4 at Hocks the past two outdoor seasons, and sending people to States in almost every event. At the time, we placed regularly in the bottom portion of the Hock and sent only a couple of competitors to states every season. This is the peak of the track program at Sharon High and many of the current seniors in the room should feel proud for what they accomplished, and the precedent that they have set for future classes.

As an upperclassmen at Sharon High I was fortunate to have some success in track and field by making various Hockmock League All-star teams, setting three individual school records, qualifying for All-States twice, and getting top 10 at the New England Championships. I was lucky enough to be noticed by UMass Amherst Coach Ken O’Brien as a junior after the Div 2. State meet, and that is where I currently study, and also compete on the track team. However, it took me a long time to succeed and this was not without much struggle, perseverance, determination, and a little bit of luck. I also could not have done this without the great support I got from my coaches, teammates, and everyone else important in my life.

Like many of you younger kids on the team, I did not set out to be a sprinter. I wanted to play a traditional sport such as baseball in the spring and basketball in the winter. Due to my scrawny 5’6," 125 lb. frame freshman year, and average-at-best skills I was unable to make the basketball team freshman year. I also had to miss the spring baseball tryout because of another hamstring injury I had at the time. I only began to run track because I had run out of options, and my father, who many of you current seniors probably know by now, was very enthusiastic about the sport. However, not making these teams was a blessing in disguise, and I eventually found my niche while running track at Sharon High. Although I was the best sprinter in my grade during my freshman year, I was disappointed with my slower times during my next three years. I loved the sport but often felt disillusioned by my lack of results. I came to practice everyday and was determined to be like some of the older and faster sprinters that were on the team at the time. Suddenly, during my junior year outdoor season, my times began to drop and I pulled off a big PR while getting 3rd at Hocks in the 200 meters. Most people found this comical because I was soaking wet at 130 pounds at the time running against extremely built football players from other towns such as North Attleboro and Mansfield. Although I got 1st in the Prelims, and was disappointed that I didn’t win, it was a tremendous feeling to finally validate my hard work with some great results. Most of the bigger names that I was running against had no idea who I was. However, after that meet that would change. I luckily made All-States that year as a wild card but unfortunately squandered my opportunity by running a far worse time than I did a week before at the DIV 2. Meet.

Although I did not want to admit it at the time, Coach Cimeno, my sprint coach, was one of the main reasons why I had had such a major improvement and had certain successes. He understood my strengths as an athlete, designed specific workouts to cater to those strengths, and relentlessly pushed me to do better in my workouts and every aspect of training. I improved form running a 24.6 my sophomore year, to a 22.58 my junior year. Only coaches who really understand you as a person and as an athlete can make a change like that actually happen. Furthermore, he gave me good advice on how to take care of my body as I only had one injury all throughout high school. He also knew how to give me a hard time and make me slightly angry sometimes. However, this was for my own benefit, as it made me want to run even faster and try even harder when I was tired in practice. For example, he told me right before my race at Outdoor Hocks my Junior Year that the local running website predicted I would not make the final. This made me kind of pissed and set out to prove those who doubted me wrong.

Sharon track helped me grow as a person, as an athlete, and the mentoring I got from my coaches still helps me to this day. Although I am now studying at the Commonwealth Honors College at UMass Amherst, I sincerely don’t think that would have been possible if I did not run track at Sharon High. Due to not having stellar high school grades, I likely would not have been admitted to UMass Amherst if it were not for track. Hence, running track at Sharon granted me an opportunity that I still cherish to this day. I felt as if I made the most out of this opportunity by getting better grades than I had before and succeeding and getting a chance to do so much more outside the classroom. Some of our other coaches can be considered molders of men and have improved people’s character over the years. I can vividly remember Coach Gingras castigating me for skipping school with my friends during the end of senior year the day before a major invitational meet. He made me aware that this could have impacted my eligibility, but emphasized that one’s decisions can lead to unfortunate consequences. I also learned the basics on how to tell a good story from Coach Conway.

I was fortunate enough to carry on my success from my junior year to my senior year as well. I set the 55-meter school record, 300-meter school record, and the 4xdash record with my teammates (which was broken last year). Although I missed winning the Hocks in the 55 meters by just a hair, and did not make All-States, I was proud of my hard work. I had a lot of fun motivating my teammates as a co-captain, and pushing myself harder than before in practice. Many of the current graduating seniors can probably remember me yelling at someone who was slacking or giving someone a hard time for missing practice. During the outdoor season I achieved my main goal of qualifying for the New England Championships by running a PR of a 22.25 of at All States. I also hurt my knee two days before the meet and managed to run while constantly taking Advil and other types of painkillers. This was a fitting way to end my season as it marked the challenges I had to experience throughout high school in order to succeed.

I’m not going to lie, but there is no complete storybook ending. I was never crowned a Hockomock League Champion, State Champion, or went undefeated in dual meet races. The past three years in college I haven’t had any crazy improvements, placed individually at my DI conference meet, or set any school records, even though I’ve had some PR’s recently. Although I love being on a college team, my best memories running track are from Sharon High. My advice to you is to leave everything on the track, runway, or the throwing pit and never look back. You should have no regrets and make sure you are proud of your efforts years down the line. If you work hard every day, listen to your coaches, and treat your body correctly, you will succeed. If a kid with average athletic ability can become one of higher ranked kids in their event in the state, so can any of you.

2013-14 Winter Award Winners


MVP - Adam Selsman

Coaches' Award - Eddie Xu

Most Improved - Ben Peltz

Principal's Award - Josh Miller

Rookie of the Year - Oliver Hu

Rookie of the Year -Tianrui Sun

League Honorable Mention - Adam Selsman


MVP - Mia Kamara

Coaches' Award - Nyomi Warren

Most Improved - Heather Seggelin

Principal's Award - Madison Tippett

Rookie of the Year - Erica Laidler

Rookie of the Year - Ally Steinberg

League All-Star - Rita Kushner

League Honorable Mention - Mia Kamara

2013 Spring Award Winners


MVP - Samantha Kaplan & Jessica Chabot

Rookie of the Year - Mia Kamara

Most Improved - Samantha Conley

Coaches' Award - Lily Fawcett

Best Race - Morgan Usen

Principal's Award - Katie Lowerre

League All-Star - Samantha Kaplan & Jessica Chabot

League Honorable Mention - Rita Kushner


MVP - Max Simon

Rookie of the Year - Brad Besson

Most Improved - Josh Miller

Coaches' Award - Steven Levkoff

Best Race - James Gildersleeve

Principal's Award - Matthew Perry

League All-Star - Jared Fogel & Max Simon

League Honorable Mention - James Gildersleeve

2012-13 Winter Award Winners


Jameel Emmanual & Rita Kushner

Best Race

Jared Fogel & Madison Tippett

Rookie of the Year

William McManus & Morgan Usen

Most Improved

Aidan Borkan & Lesley Davis

Principal's Award

Pittayut Phonboon & Sarah McGrath

Coaches' Award

Jake Steinberg & Lily Fawcett

2012-13 MIAA Division 2 Indoor Qualifying Standards



2012 Spring Award Winners

Hockomock League All-Star

Connor Hichens


Connor Hichens & Sam Kaplan

Best Race

Adam Selsman & Katie Lowerre

Rookie of the Year

Adrian Lingo & Mary Griffin

Most Improved

Paul Fleming & Kim Chook

Principal's Award

Connor Hichens & Jess Oknin

Coaches' Award

Jameel Emmanuel & Jess Chabot

2011-12 Winter Award Winners

Hockomock League All-Star

Connor Hichens


Connor Hichens & Madison Tippett

Best Race

Adam Selsman & Sarah McGrath

Rookie of the Year

Paul Fleming & Sarah Bondar

Most Improved

Nick Dumont & Samantha Conley

Principal's Award

David Dones & Jess Oknin

Coaches' Award

James Collins & Jess Oknin

2011 Track Video

Due to popular demand, the infamous track video produced by Sara C. Gildersleeve and Caroline Kenly McClain can be found here.

2011 Award Winners

Hockomock League All-Stars

Josh Arons & Sara Gildersleeve


Josh Arons & Sara Gildersleeve

Best Race

Mitch Kaufman & Kim Chook

Rookie of the Year

James Gildersleeve & Rita Kushner

Most Improved

Sully Gassmann & Jess Chabot

Principal's Award

Garrett Sullivan & Elena Huang

Coaches' Award

Vlad Nere & Meaghan Perry

2010-11 Hockomock League All-Star Selections

Congratulations to seniors Josh Arons and Sara Gildersleeve for being selected by league coaches to the 2011 Hockomock League Indoor Track & Field All-Star team!

Well done, Josh and Sara!

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We would like to extend our appreciation to Mr. Robert Sondheim, Coach Tim Cimeno, Coach Alan Conway, Coach Jen Cunningham, and the Sharon Boosters for providing a championship gym banner commemorating the accomplishments of some very special student-athletes!

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