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Thank you to Sara Gildersleeve (2011-2014), Elizabeth O'Hara (2009-2013), and Steve Connolly (2009) 
for their excellent video contributions to the website.    

Watch in 480p for best quality.

2012 MSTCA Frosh/Soph Invitational

2011 MIAA Indoor State Div. 2 Championship


2010 New England Outdoor Championship


2010 MIAA All-State Meet

G_4x100m - New School Record

2010 Weston Twilight Invitational

G_4x100m - New School Record

2010 Sharon v. Oliver Ames


2010 New England Indoor Championship

G_4x200m - New School Record

2009 MIAA All-State Champs


2011-12 Sharon v. Foxboro

2011-12 Sharon v. Foxboro

2011 MIAA Auerbach All-State Indoor Track & Field Ch.


2011 McIntyre Elite Inv.

B_300m - New School Record

2010 MSTCA State Div. 2 Relays


2010 Nike Indoor Nationals


2010 MIAA Auerbach All-State Championship

G_4 X 200m - New School Record

2010 MIAA Div. 2 State Indoor Championship


2010 McIntyre Elite Relays


2009-10 Indoor Hockomock League Tri-Meet